Sierra Blanca, New Mexico


Search Optimization

Search Optimization is as much an art as it is a science. The major search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN will, in our experience, account for over 85% of the search engine drive to a community or business website. These majors constantly change and re-evaluate what factors they will use and how they weigh the factors in importance when positioning websites under specific searches. To be successful in placement there are a host of known factors that come into play.

Under our management we strive to accomplish the following:

  • Create a site that the search robots favor in terms of navigation and content.
  • Manage content in a way that honestly reflects with integrity the intent of the site.
  • Maximize invitations for search bots to crawl the site.
  • Increase the number of incoming links from other relevant sites.
  • Increase overall traffic to the site by increasing repeat users.
  • Keep the site dynamic with updates and fresh content.
  • Through the use of statistics we collect from websites we manage and own we develop content to optimize the number of searches a site receives.

We manage placement through experience, monitoring, product development and content. In the long run this builds solid positioning and a site people want to visit time and again. We own and manage websites including some that receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Over 50% of this traffic comes from a no-referral classification. In other words, the site is a known quantity and is bookmarked on visitors and locals own INTERNET browsers. This is the desired end to successful search placement and proper website design.

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