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Results Tracking

Are your advertising dollars spent in a leap of faith? The great entrepreneur, John Wannamaker once quipped that half of his advertising dollars were well spent-he just didn't know which half.

Fortunately, this is a problem of the past. With today's technologies, savvy business owners can not only tell which ads are producing phone calls, but when people are calling and if their own people are actually answering the phone and closing sales.

At RWC, we have integrated technologies of web traffic reporting and telephone response tracking into a highly affordable business management tool any business owner should consider.

Imagine opening your email on Monday morning and having at your finger tips the previous week's website traffic totals and a comprehensive report of every telephone inquiry that came from your Internet marketing. In turn, you're able to quickly see where the web traffic came from and when the phone rang, and if it was answered. How long did the staff talk to the customer? Compare this information to sales or bookings for the same period and know your conversion rates. This is big business management and is available for any business owner.

Here is how it works:

To track your telephone inquiries, we provide a toll free number to place on your website and RWC web advertising campaign. This number routes all calls directly to you and rings in your place of business just like your current local or toll free number does now. However, detailed caller information is captured and reported to you through customized reports sent via email.

To track your website traffic, a tracking code is placed on your website and then site visitor information is captured. You will know how many visitors have come to your website and even details of where your website visitors are finding your website. Like the telephone response tracking, this web-tracking is reported to you via detailed emailed reports.

The bottom line is that you will know your exact advertising response. And, that's no leap of faith.

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